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director john dickerson. john, harry reid came out both barrels blazing this morning. if anybody was talking about a new attitude in congress, i didn't really see that. >> had one target that was the republicans in congress, must have said it five different times. he had his talking points ready. 2014 is not going to be a happy year. why? let's look at the senate, let's just look at elections in the senate. the republicans need to take six seats to take harry reid's job away from him. in seven of the seats that democrats are in danger they are in states where mitt romney won the election. we've seen over the last 20 years correlation between volters in a state vote for republican president they're likely toe vote for republican senator. democrats have a tough year with the elections so harry reid begins a tough election year starting with tough words about republicans. >> schieffer: does the roll out of obamacare make it tougher for these democrats? i asked harry reid the question, he didn't really answer it. are they going to be run as proud sponsors of obamacare or run away fr
year. comments from harry reid, mitch mcconnell, and even video by c- span viewers using the c-span video library. >> these are dark days in the history of the senate. i hate that we have come to this point. we have witnessed the majority leader break his word to the united states senate. and now, our request for a joint meeting, all the senators at a time when attendance around here is frequently quite spotty, in an obvious effort to keep as time when attendance around here is frequently quite spotty, in an obvious effort to keep as many of his members from hearing the concerns and arguments of the other side is possible. it remains our view that for this to be the kind of joint session of the senate that it ought to be, given the tendency of the senate to have sparse attendance on monday night, to have this meeting on tuesday, before it is too late. >> mr. president, i don't want him to feel sorry for the senate and certainly not for me. i will continue to try to speak in a tone that is appropriate. demagoguery -- the more you say something is false, people start believing it
it with one of washington's most powerful but rarely interviewed officials, senate majority leader, harry reid. >> the house will be in order. >> schieffer: 2013 was not exactly a banner year from washington, will this year be any better? >> no organizational or legislative business will be conducted on this day. >> schieffer: so it's official, nothing to report so far. but what are the prospects for immigration reform, cutting the deficit, extending unemployment benefits. what will happen to obamacare and what about the national security agency. we'll ask the senate's top democrat, harry reid, who controlled much of the agenda on capitol hill. then we'll talk to key house republicans, new york's peter king and arizona's matt salmon. we'll have analysis from peg knee noonan of the wall street journal. david ignatious of the "washington post." david sanger of the nova scotia times and cbs news political director john dickerson. and in our flashback, how a cbs news crew went to havana to interview fidel castro for face the nation and got scooped by ed you will van. 60 years of news because thi
from harry reid, mitch mcconnell, and even video by c- span viewers using the c-span video library. >> these are dark days in the history of the senate. i hate that we have come to this point. and now, our request for a joint meeting, all the senators at a time when attendance around here is frequently quite spotty, in an obvious effort to keep as many of his members from hearing the concerns and arguments of the other side is possible. it remains our view that for this to be the kind of joint session of the senate that it ought to be, given the tendency of the senate to have sparse attendance on monday night, to have this meeting on tuesday, before it is too late. >> mr. president, i don't want him to feel sorry for the senate and certainly not for me. i will continue to try to speak in a tone that is appropriate. people start believing it. mr. president, it is quite interesting that he thinks that richard cordray, nobody says there is a thing wrong with this man, democrats and republicans have both said he is a good guy. this man has been waiting 724 days. assistant secretary of
that revvie award to harry reid. >> i'll present that one, all right. i actually took a very different approach to this question about the best political move of the year. and i went a little bit bigger and broader to the college of cardinals. who had to deal with the sudden abdication of a pope and had to look at a church both internally and externally and see exactly how it would move forward. a lot of political drama there. a lot of intangibles that they somehow -- >> are you suggesting the church moves are political? >> we created political moves, baby. what are you talking about? i have to give my hat's off to them. they elected a pope that everyone loves. that has a long-term profound political effect, i think. >> jimmy? >> i'm going with government shutdown. couple of reasons. and i love this new pope, by the way. this new pope rocks. i would think about being a roman catholic except all that other stuff. >> for the record, michael steele commended the process. he didn't commend the new pope. >> okay. well, i like the new pope. >> i do too. >> let's go back to the government shu
schieffer asked senate majority leader harry reid whether the american people would be right expecting this year's session to be as unproductive as last year's. reid said the other side is to blame. >> unless the republicans in congress decide they should do something for the american people, i'm sorry to say that's true. waiting congress is down, if somebody called me in a pole i would vote with them. this is awful what is going on. >> jeff: for more on all of this we turn to john dickerson, john, good to see you, happy new year. so in the new year more of the same in congress? >> well, usually when people return from vacation they have a sunnier outlook but the senate majority leader was bleak. at the end of last year there was a flicker of bipartisanship when the house and the senate agreed to a modest budget agreement but senator reid said this year little would happen if congressional republicans didn't break with their tea party supporters. republicans brushed off that rhetoric and pointed out that when bob schieffer asked if democrats facing re-election should run as proud spons
wanted to bring the debate back to congress after the failed amendment in april. harry reid said he would not seek a vote. right now, the issue is appearing dead. that may allow the white house to introduce my executive actions if republicans on the hill will not cooperate. >> in terms of the administration, what will we see? >> i'm not quite sure. they did introduce the 100 million dollars for additional mental health services this week but it is too far to tell what they will bring up in the next few months. >> rebecca shabad, and on twitter. thanks for being with us on c- span's "year in review." >> on the next "washington journal" market ginsberg looks of foreign-policy challenges in the year ahead. mocker -- gould er discusses political stories of 2014. then international stories on fears in russia as the sochi olympic games draw near. plus your e-mails and tweets. >> it is on fire. it will be extremely fast. this of the five or 10 years. there.k is life into 45an slices. to what i think we should be doing is entering these and have them at the same time. we should play.
>> and to me@alsen camerota. >>> harry reid planning a preliminary vote this afternoon on extending unemployment benefits. republicans will not go along with it. and the move is a strategy to make income inequality a issue in the election. chris stierwald and host of fox power play. hi, chris. >> hi, alley. >> and not all republicans are opposed to extending unemployment benefits. but some like john boehner and rand paul wants offsets and something to come out of the budget if they spend money on extending unemployment. is harry reid open to that? >> not until he loses. as longs he might be able to get its way and shove this through. if he were able to pick up and get four more and he can get to 60 votes, he would vam it through and turn to the house of representative and say why do you hate porpeople so much and give us the spending. here we are not talking about unemployment insurance. it is a federal program starting after the panic in 2008 and extended when people exhausted state unemployment insurance and was a welfare program that carried people through to 99 weeks. it is a he
's tricky about timing of the vote, but if harry reid doesn't have 60 votes tonight, he could maneuver and bring it up for a vote tomorrow. >> mike, thank you. just moments ago, janet yellen, the president's nominee for federal reserve chair, has been confirmed. we don't have the final tally on votes yet, but she has crossed the threshold of the votes needed. janet yellen will be the next federal reserve chair. >>> later this month, during his state of the union address, the president is expected to expand on his earlier comments framing income inequality as a defining challenge of our time. chief white house correspondent ed henry on how the democrats are already gearing up for a year-long effort. >> with president obama back from vacation, income inequality vaulted to the top of his agenda today from the white house. >> we have to make sure that this recovery does leave no one behind. >> to the senate, where top allies like chuck schumer are bluntly declaring a shift from the bumminess of health care to other issues that may help win the 2014 midterms. >> for the first five years of
for a million unemployed americans. after the senate, the bill heads to the house. harry reid worries it might run into trouble with conservatives. president obama urged lawmakers to pass the measure as soon as possible. speaking of the president, he spent day 13 of his vacation on the golf course gouned by the prime minister of new zealand. his teenage son joined him with plenty of high fives to go around. we don't know what it has to do with the golf game. >>> we are learning about the capture of a man. he was a banker and minister. when he was arrested, he told the officer, quote, i'm going to make you famous. mark potter has the story. >> reporter: aubrey lee price was denied bond. price told them, since disappearing a year and a half ago, he was homeless, working menial jobs. florida officials say he rented a house near ocala where hundreds of marijuana plants were grown. he was last seen in june, 2012 as he was buying a ticket for a ferryboat ride in key west, florida. after raising $40 million from more than 100 investors and suffering losses, price then obtained over $21 million of ban
said it, hillary clinton said it, harry reid said it, that, you know, socialism, which is what single payer health care is, is their explicit goal. they've essentially established it, eric, because in obama care they've made health care a right. the gop to their great detriment never challenged that. you got obama care, we've talked about for weeks is essentially fascist. privatelied only owned in name only controlled by the government. just like student loans obama will say we have to cut out the middle man, the private sector, and make it completely government controlled, that's next. >> now, like rats off a sinking ship, michael moore's bailing on the obama care. how long before the rest of them, rest of the liberals start saying this wasn't such a good idea after all? >> i'm pretty sure that michael moore never liked obama care to begin with. now, i think if you look at where senior citizens are with medicare, which is a single payer system, most americans want a little bit of that action. so you say dirty little secret. it's only a because the media has not been reporting on it.
, that is how they would pay for those necessities. majority leader harry reid says he is confident that it will pass the senate. james burling says it is a krurl issue. >> people have to remember that emergency unemployment benefits only go to people who are actively looking for a job. for a lot of people that encourages them to keep looking when they are getting discouraged. and tomorrow is the day that 1.3 americans will go to their mailbox and find that check missing. he is for extending the benefits and republican marshia blackburn of tennessee. congresswoman let me begin with you. why wouldn't you want to extend unemployment benefits? what we would love to see happen is for the president and mr. sper ling to say what can we do right now to create the environment for jobs growth to take place. i hear that the uncertainty that is coming from washington and what is happening with the new 40,000 pages of regulations that are coming out. people want to see less government over reach and they would like to have washington out of the way and get back to creating jobs and getting back
. ♪ >>> the majority leader harry reid has just confirmed the senate plans to vote monday to extend unemployment benefits for three months. the bill would extend jobless insurance retroactively. meanwhile, they legalized it! colorado officially became the first place in the world to legalize marijuana for recreational use yesterday. surprise. hundreds of tourists in cole and residents flocked to the shop to legally purchase the drug. >> i would just like to go down to my basement and listen to music and have a good time and not bother anybody. >> to pick up a quarter bag and go home and smoke weed and watch movies and play video games. >> i think he went to central casting to find people that looked like they would buy legalized marijuana. pot purchasers must be at least 21 years old. colorado residents can purchase up to one ounce. non-residents are limited to a quarter ounce. pot shops cannot open until 8:00 a.m. and must close by midnight. people get the munchies around the time. i wasn't that surprised colorado took the lead on this. i grew up there. it is an interesting state and interestin
to reconvene on monday. senate majority leader harry reid says one of the first orders of business will be a vote to extend jobless benefits. will house republicans support that measure they opposed weeks ago? [ coughs, sneezes ] i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is. i've got a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's time for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is that won't relieve all your symptoms. new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. oh what a relief it is. >>> secretary of state john kerry arrived in israel today to make his latest push for middle eastern peace. it's his tenth round since becoming secretary of state. before the latest rounds of talks began, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu expressed concerns about the palestinians and sharply criticized
, a plan to take a stand. harry reid is planning a vote on monday for a three-month restoration of extended unemployment benefits which, of course, expired december 28th. and that affected more than a million people. the benefits in 2008 extend normal unemployment insurance for up to 99 weeks for the long-term unemployed. people who are looking actively but cannot find jobs. that senate bill at about $6.5 billion. it may sound like a lot of money, but probably isn't for a budget that spends more than $3 trillion annually and previously the same cbo estimated that extending benefits throughout the whole year would add about 200,000 jobs. of course, he was realestic. he said, i don't predict anything in the house. and he added, it was a black hole of legislation. let's see if we can get insights from someone who works there. thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you, ari. >> i'm sure harry reid meant no offense to you or your colleagues, but you saw the numbers in john boehner's house, not a lot of bills get passed. record-breaking lows last year. what will happen? >> well, i think the
on monday, first item on harry reid's agenda is a three-month extension of federal emergency unemployment insurance. the bill will give retroactive benefits to the 1.3 million people who lost benefits three days after christmas and extend them for hundreds of thousands more through 2015. who is stopping that from happening. harry reid plans to bring up for a bill on monday because of ru teen abuse in the filibuster, right now, looks like he has all 55. one republican who's cosponsoring a bill. nevada's unemployment rate is a whopping -- over 17,000 people in the state lost benefits. over 20,000 will stop receiving checks in the first six months of 2014 if congress does not act. dean heller is -- democrats will need four more to break the fall. keep in mind, this is a filibuster of unemployed people looking for work. it will likely come down to these four. republican senator mark kirk whose state of illinois has a rate of 8.7%, where over 80,000 people lost benefits in late december and almost 90,000 more will lose benefits in 2014. here's rob portman, rate of 7.4%, almost 40,000 people lo
.org, she was saying are holding upns the works. isn't it true that harry reid has not brought a bill up for a vote from republicans in the last two years? the only thing wrong with this country right now is barack obama. two, the only thing worse than that is she babbles every time she comes on this program. host: thank you. guest: i would just go back to the first point. the idea that republicans are not passing anything. they are passing some good policies and some bad policies. the key is that gridlock is actually good. it is good for washington. it may frustrate a lot of people and policies in the political sphere. also in the public. gridlock slows things down and tells people that we need to think about what we're doing. make sure we do the right thing. thelock was very healthy in 1990's, when we had a robust economy. it was not healthy when it did not exist in the early 2000. they grew government at a remarkable rate. gridlock is something that we should encourage and hope that it continues. host: we are focusing on immigration. we spoke with our previous guest about
the impact it's had on the families who depend on those benefits. senate majority leader harry reid has scheduled a vote tomorrow on a bipartisan bill to extend the program. and president obama who returned to the white house from hawaii today will hold an event on tuesday to press congress to get it done. but the bill faces staunch opposition from republicans, who insist they won't pass it without offsetting the costs. and they're being typically stubborn about where to find the offsets. >> there has to be some compromise coming from the democrats. i don't want to have this permanent state of unemployment insurance where we end up like europe. >> the fact is these giveaway programs, government programs don't create one job. not one job. if we want to energize the job market, we need to get rid of backbreaking, job-breaking regulations. >> i've always said i'm not opposed to unemployment insurance. i am opposed to having it without paying for it. i think it's wrong to borrow money from china or simply to print up money for it. >> i'm pleased to welcome congressman jim mcdermott from was
will be affected. >> senate majority leader harry reid is looking to put a bill up for a vote as soon as this monday. >>> transporting crude via rail and not by pipeline has been gaining traction recently but now several rail accidents involving oil being moved from the rocken region of north dakota have thrown that into question. rail transport for crude supply, a big theme in 2014 as estimates indicate rail capacity could grow enough to handle 750,000 barrels of crude a day. monday's train derailment and explosion in north dakota. the third such accident have many on high alert. why unrefined crude supplies are exploding, which is typically more of a threat after crude is refined. today a government agency issuing an alert the type of crude being transported from the balken region may be more flammable than traditional crude oil. the accidents raise a bigger question. should the focus be on building out pipelines, which are cheaper and perhaps safer means of transport and if so, how quickly can pipelines be built to handle the increased production out of the u.s. and canada? the nat
to the house. but the senate majority leader, harry reid, worries it might run into trouble with hard-line conservatives. president obama has urged lawmakers to pass the measure as soon as possible. >>> and speaking of the president, he spent day 13 of his hawaiian vacation on the golf course. this time joined by another world leader. john key, the prime minister of new zealand hit the links with the president on the island of oahu. key's teenaged son joined them. there are no reports of holes in one. but plenty of high fives to go around. so it sounds like the golf game was going pretty well. >>> we're learning more about the capture of a brazen fugitive. aubrey lee price was once a georgia bank director, and actually a minister as well. well, now he's facing charges for an alleged multimillion dollar investment fraud. when he was arrested, he told the officer quote, i am going to make you famous. nbc's mark potter has the story. >> aubrey lee price was denied bond as a flight risk. authorities in georgia say price told them since disappearing a year and a half ago, he been homeless,
this as a winning issue. you know, harry reid is going to have this on the senate froor as early as tomorrow. there's no doubt about the politics here at play. democrats think they have a winning issue and they'll force republicans to -- you know, this bill on the senate floor is not paid for yet. >> right. >> but speaker boehner said, hey, i'm open to this, but it's got to be paid for. for republicans it could be a trap. this could be a three-month extension we're having this conversations months down the road. republicans, maybe they go for a longer term deal, and try to pay for it. paying for things is not easy, but you can always do it in washington through the accounting gimmicks, et cetera. >> in the utopian world, people take the jobs they want and not the jobs they have to take. but we do not live there. if the government stops supporting people with checks, some of those people will actually be forced to make tough decisions, take lower wage jobs, change careers, change your job, or simply take a job that they didn't necessarily want. but the argument that rand paul and others make is that
lawmakers returned to washington and go back to work on the agenda today, senate majority leader harry reid has scheduled a vote to extend jobless benefits for three months. also on the radar a january 15 deadline to agree on a spending bill to keep the government running and avoid another disastrous shutdown. >>> house democratic leader nancy pelosi held her annual new year's event in san francisco this weekend and she laid out the democrats' priorities for 2014. they include health care and immigration reform. however, prior to the new year, speaker john boehner made it clear that house democrats -- that immigration reform was going to have to be put on hold for now. >>> another obvious priority on the horizon, hammering out details of obamacare. rand paul spoke out over the weekend calling the system a mess. he even admitted he had trouble signing up his own family through the state-run exchange. >> the other day i actually tried to get my son signed up through the kentucky exchange that the democrats have said so good. very here my son's medicaid card. we didn't try to get him medicaid.
. when harry reid first filed the law, there were all kinds of committee activities. that allows for a contribution. that was included in the committee work. he chose not to include it in his law. offered amendments that would specifically allow an employer contribution. the last time, on march 24, 2010, that amendment was put to a vote and defeated. the vote was 43-56. it was not like this was something that congress did not consider. knowledge it was something that they did not understand. this was debated and rejected. --t we're talking about here this is the law of the land. members of congress and this administration, if they do not like the law of the land, they should come to congress to change the law of the land. they should not change it by presidential decree or brings ital -- that to the second part of the reason that i am bringing this lawsuit. it is to uphold the rule of law. i think that this lawsuit will hopefully provide a very long overdue check on presidential power. expanding presidential power. particularly in this administration. we are seeing and i think we
connell and the republicans are angry over harry reid's destruction of senate rules. it will be a rugged year. i wrote "the happiest life t" because i wanted people to focus on good news. as a democrat i want people to stay under the covers. >> what do you think, penny? is the filibuster a good thing or will it cause more gridlock? >> how much more can you have? you have a house that's intransient that can't control their own caucus. boehner is now saying their strategy was flawed. you have a flawed strategy that had repercussions on the virginia elections for the first time democrats swept all statewide elections in virginia. there is a lot to be positive about going into the elections. we have strong candidates. we are in red states and blue. i think we have terrific candidates out there. one of my predictions is that the senate does continue to stay in democratic hands. in 2006 people said there was no way democrats will take over. we kept it in 6, 8, 10 and 12. >> i'm not sure when people see health insurance go up and doctors gone that they can keep the senate. what is your prediction? >> the exact op
a tie breaker here. i'm going with crystal. i was with harry reid. i got on board with it maybe two weeks before they did it probably right around the same time as harry reid. next category, the worst political move of the year. >> i sort of think this is a fluid ongoing move, which is listening to ted cruz. this man is only out for himself. any republican who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves. he will lead them off a cliff either fiscal or political if they listen to him. >> the way he has led mike lee into disaster in utah. >> crystal? >> related to ted cruz, heritage action deciding to force the country into a shut down by scoring that vote and making a lot of republicans vote to shut down the government. it was disastrous. they were already wanting to follow ted cruz off the cliff and heritage action just like pushed them right over the last little bit. >> and jonathan, your two worst political moves? >> because i actually do have two. >> no, it's all right. >> come on. worst political move, the staff of the president allowing him to go out there time and time again saying
-up was harry reid. who, at least it's still fun to be the president of the united states if you are barack obama. you are still the most important leader of the world even if you are diminished. harry reid has done enormous damage to his institution and it is almost impossible to find a principle in anything that he has done other than to it be a water carrier for this administration. >> in my case water spiller. >> the media has had a terrible year from the "60 minutes" retraction on benghazi story and tarnished one of the jewels of the journalistic world. you had the cnn reporting the nonexistent arrest in the marathon bombing showed quick journalism and problems with msnbc host alec bashir and alec baldwin getting the boot. it already has unpopular business in terms of public confidence. >> charles, other than me being the biggest loser for spilling water on you, who would your second choice to be? >> as i depart to the dry cleaner, let me just say that it was only water, folks, it wasn't wine or anything stronger than that no, i have smelled it. the obvious loser of the year of course
. if you heard harry reid, it did not sound hopeful. they need five republicans to join them. unless they are willing to strike a deal, it may not happen. >> what went wrong? why? >> the republicans say if you extend this it will cost billions, you have to pay for it. >> democrats say this has been done 14 out of 17 times without paying for it, it should be done again. >> if republicans raise the idea of cutting funding elsewhere, is there wriggle room for the democrats. >> harry reid is saying he doesn't want to deal on it, he wants to pass it. if it passes the senate, it has to go to the house, and john boehner again said it has to be paid for. everyone supports the extension, but if you pay for it, and how. do you raise taxes? is it >> will it become a bigger issue closer to the elections? >> democrats want to do everything but talk about health care. they want to focus on inequality, which is what they think will bring in the voters. they want to talk about unemployment benefits, minimum wage, health care. if the republicans are smart, they'd extend this and move to health care
the unemployment benefits. harry reid is going to need gop support. >> they need 60 in the vote to move forward. the nevada senate leader is on board. and harry reid is calling on four others. >> we have never offset emergency spending. we have people who have been out of work for two years. we have reduced the debt by three trillion. let's start helping the middle class. >> with every senator traveling it isn't clear where they all stand but we will find out before long. >> there are republicans who do want to do what harry reid said he doesn't want to do, right? >> they would like to pay for it. they say with the debt continuing to grow we should cut spending elsewhere. they are trying to spur job growth to put people back to work. >> i think the longer you have it it does provide disincentive to work. we have to figure out how to create jobs and keep them from becoming long-term unemployed. >> it is going to be an interesting debate to watch play out. thank you, michael. >> thank you. >>> we cannot touch down. >> i understand. and i don't care. i care about you. i care about you. and you. >>
a way. harry reid said emergency spending will not be paid for eventually because everything isn't an emergency. >> there are arguments to be made against extending unemployment benefits. it sounds heartless to make them sometimes. >> harry reid said if you put it into the hands of unemployed it helps the economy. how does giving a middle class executive a thousand there help the economy by taxing the working poor? one person spends it but another person in need doesn't have it. >> there is only one republican on record in the senate as supporting the extension of unemployment benefits. and that is dean heller. he is from the state of nevada where the unemployment rate is 2 points higher than the rest of the nation. are other republicans going to jump on board? >> no, i don't think you will see a fill buster today from the republican side. this is just a temporary thing. democrats are going to come back and want a longer extension in a couple months. we are five years in the economic recovery and they are fighting for longer unemployment benefits. this is going to be a fight all
. it had to be harry reid. majority leader spend a lot of time at the podium. definitely was hear reid, right? yeah, no, wrong again. as the the l.a. times put it. slow and steady wins the race. a c-span analysis found jeff sessions spent more time at the microphone than any of his colleagues top 33 hours. harry reid had 30 hours total. and up next, the latest in the sago over chris christie and what he may or may not have known about lane closures on the nation's busiest bridge. ♪ love... in the nation, what's precious to you is precious to us. ♪ love is strange so when coverage really counts, count on nationwide insurance. we put members first. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ [ coughs ] i've got a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's time for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is that won't relieve all your symptoms. hmm? [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. thanks for the tip. [ male announcer ] no problem. oh...and hair products. aisle 9. [ inhales deeply ] oh what
. >> that was a trick question, it wasn't either of them. it had to be harry reid. majority leader spend a lot of time at the podium. definitely was hear reid, right? yeah, no, wrong again. as the the l.a. times put it. slow and steady wins the race. a c-span analysis found jeff sessions spent more time at the microphone than any of his colleagues top 33 hours. harry reid had 30 hours total. and up next, the latest in the sago over chris christie and what he may or may not have known about lane closures on the nation's busiest bridge. ♪ we're gonna be late. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh are we early? [ male announcer ] commute your way with the bold, all-new nissan rogue. ♪ to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap. >> you guys are
mentioned earlier. we've got majority leader harry reid saying he's going to bring it to the floor a week from today. in your opinion do you think it's good enough? >> well, we'd rather have a year than three months, but three months is a start. look, the reality is that if we do not extend unemployment benefits, 1.3 million of our friends and neighbors, people in many cases who have worked their entire lives, many of them older workers, are going to be shut off completely. and a major source of their income is not going to be coming in. that is to my mind absolutely unacceptable for us as a nation. but the second point that i think jack reed made earlier, if you don't extend those unemployment benefits and if you don't put income into the hands of people who need it, they're not going to have that income to spend. that will result in the loss of some 200,000 jobs in our country and a decline in our gdp in the next year of 0.2 of 1%. so it is foolhardy from a moral perspective and from an economic perspective not to extend the unemployment benefits. i would hope that we can do it for a ye
. and democrats are ready to follow his lead. harry reid will hold a vote monday to extend jobless benefits for three months saying, quote, the rich are getting richer. the poor are getting poorer. the middle class is getting squeezed. it's just not fair. he's right. it's not fair. so far 1.3 million people have lost their jobless benefits because republicans refused to act. and already families across the country are getting hit very hard. >> i'm very scared. you know, i mean, you -- where am i going to pay my mortgage? i love my home, but i'm afraid to lose it. >> i'm going to have to either look for a temporary part-time job doing menial labor or i'm going to have to consider giving up the house. >> it's important especially when it's the only income i had. i have to push my schooling off to the side for the moment to maintain employment. >> i wouldn't be worried of how i was going to keep the car or pay my mortgage. it's not just me. i have three boys i have to think of. they're my first priority. >> real people in real pain. those are the voices that republicans should be listening to.
have thrown unemployed americans under the bus. >> you get nothing. >> harry reid plans to take on unemployment insurance next week. >> work should begin with something that republicans in congress should've done before leaving town. >> passing an unemployment extension should be an absolute no-brainer. >> well, if john boehner would actually call the bill, i think we might be able to extend those benefits. >> joining me now is congressman matt cartwright of pennsylvania. good to have you with us tonight. >> my pleasure. >> you bet. good to have you with us. the story here is harry reid says there's going to be a vote on unemployment insurance on monday. how is that going to affect the house? and i ask that with this toxic attitude that has been presented by the tea partiers and by boehner in an element of obstruction, the era of obstruction. how is a vote in the senate going to change minds in the house that all of a sudden 1.3 million people are going to have a better fate when it comes to unemployment insurance? >> well, ed, first of all, let me say it's a pleasure to be here
democrat on the house budget committee. sir, it's great to see you. as we start out with the words of harry reid calling the house a black hole of legislation, first he's got the uphill climb of getting it passed on the senate side but do you think there's the appetite in the house to get this done? >> well, happy new year, thomas. i hope 2014 will be a better year in congress than 2013, which was certainly in the house of representatives a black hole. look, if the senate can get this passed in the senate and harry reid has made this priority number one, that will create some momentum in the house and speaker boehner, i think, will be under more pressure to do something. however, sandy levin, congressman levin and i tried before we took a break to get the house to vote on an amendment that would have extended unemployment compensation and paid for, frankly, by reducing agriculture subsidies, overpayments, and the speaker refused to allow a vote at that time. so our hope is that a push from the senate will get things moving in the house. but the jury is still out. >> so there is some room to
. there are some people saying she's going to get 40 no votes so, harry reid's going to have to use this new 51-vote rule, not the usual 60-vote rule. she's going to have trouble? is her credibility going to be knocked down? >> that's interesting. that's sort of what i was getting at, is unlike previous fed chairmen, which they were basically guaranteed a good number of votes, no republican certainly going into an election year wants to be seen voting for janet yellin. so she's not going to get a ton of republican votes. i don't think that's going to hurt her credibility at all. to me what's going to hurt the fed's credibility going forward, if people don't understand what the fed is trying to accomplish. and even though bernanke spent a lot of effort with transparency, communications, press conferences, a lot of people still don't understand exactly how the fed's going to unwind itself from qe. and they really don't understand the exact limits of janet yellin's optimal control policy or really what that means. >> just quickly, jim, still no sign of monetary rules. no monetary gdp rule. no comm
ask harry reid to resolve to stop trying to destroy the senate and bring it to the house. >> i'm glad you brought up the senate. mitch mcconnell is facing a tough campaign this year. julian, new year's resolution for him? >> end the obstruction. i think now that filibuster has been reformed, move fast and move forward with nominations, judicial nominations and executive nominations. >> amy. >> for mitch mcconnell, he has to get into the pry maury. he has a lot of money, about $7 million in the war chest, and fight to keep his job op. on the democratic side, i would like to see harry reid some calling opponents names on the senate floor. >> nancy pelosi? >> i would suggest she read legislation before she pass it. there was supposed to be a resolution among congress people that they would. hopefully in 2014, they will. >> julian? >> i think she moves forward with the theme of inequality. minimum wage. stick to the economicish ice and push them. that's the best strategy for democrats. >> let's go to house majority leader eric cantor. julian, i'll start you off there. >> i think he needs
state tops the charts nationwide. majority leader harry reid, also from nevada, is pushing for more republican support and says it's not necessary to pay for it. >> we have never offset emergency spending. it's foolishness. we have people that are desperate. they've been out of work for some as much as two years. we have reduced the debt by $3 trillion. let's start helping the middle class. >> let's take a live look at the senate floor, where they are just gaveling back into session after the holiday break. some argue against extending unemployment benefits because this is technically the 55th month of the economic recovery. they argue the emergency is over. others want to see job training programs included in my unemployment benefit extension to get people back to work. >> i'm not against having unemployment insurance. i do think, though, that the longer you have it, that it does provide some disincentive to work and there are many studies that indicate this. what i've been saying all along, we have to figure out how to create jobs and keep people from being long-term unemployed. >
. it could happen. and part of the reason could be that if harry reid doesn't have the 60 votes and there are some members missing, it might be worth it to him to delay it to allow for that and get everybody here and get everybody onboard and take the vote. you heard the issues explained in terms of a shorter time period just three months. the argument there is try to fix this for families that have been affected since december 28th without that check or help and then figure out over a short period of time how to pay for it if that's even necessary. that's one of the issues. some republicans are saying they would support it if there is a fuller debate on other kinds of measures to try and stimulate job growth so fewer people would need to be on unemployment and to try to get jobs moving. this is a core issue that often does get a lot of republican support but we don't have many republican members saying yet where they stand on this. lamar alexander of tennessee says he's a no vote unless there's more discussion of these other measures. dean heller, who is a republican, is co-spo
the unemployment benefits and they are right. >> harry reid scheduled a vote tonight on a three-month extension of unemployment benefits but most republicans are still oppose the unless there is an agreement on how to pay for the bill. rhode island senator jack reed co-sponsored that legislation and joins me now. happy new year. thanks for being with us. >> happy new year. >> give me your best argument on why it should be extended without paying for it. >> our extension is just for three months, so the finance committee, the committee of jurisdiction can look at the appropriate way to pay for it if necessary. most times we have passed emergency unemployment extension bills without paying for it. we've done it a number of times since 2008. but the best way to do that is not on the floor, various ad hoc proposals, it's the work of the committee. our bill, senator heller's bill and my bill gives the time to do that and allows 1.3 million americans thrown off the cliff to begin to get some support, continue to get some support and if we don't act, the 1.3 million will grow by about 3 million more p
? >> well, not when it comes to legislation, reverend al. so they still have that power in place. harry reid might want to consider doing something than too. >> so you still need 60 votes on policy questions like this? >> yeah. it was for appointments that they changed the rules. >> right. >> so what is going on now is such a picture of the radicalization of the republican party. because as both of you have said, this was done as a matter of course under george w. bush. it was a bipartisan fix when the economy was tough. and as congressman cleaver says, this is a very, very uneven recovery. great for wall street. great for the top 1%, but really we still have persistent long-term unemployment. and really, the only time that we tend to cut these benefits back is when the number of long-term unemployed begins to fall. the economy is really starts to absorb more long-term workers. the economy is that good. we never do this. and we also are in a time when the deficit is falling faster than at any time since world war ii. so it's completely disingenuous to say this is a budgetary necessity. >> yo
active with boost. >>> harry reid has his hands full today trying to wrangle enough republicans to side with the democrats before the vote on unemployment benefits. the bill already has the support of at least two republicans, but that's not enough. >> i'm saying, hopefully, hopefully, we can get four more republicans. gee wiz. i mean, this is something we've never stopped unemployment benefits. >> joining me now is democratic congresswoman karen bass. good morning. >> good morning, good morning. >> you heard harry reid. what do you think the chances are realistically he gets five republicans, since the demand that we hear from a lot of them that it be paid for is not part of this bill? >> well, i think he has a good chance in the senate, and i'm hoping that the budget agreement that was reached before we went on break is an example. i do think the bigger hurdle is going to be in my house, and frankly i believe in saying they want it to be paid for is a way of saying they want to have some cuts done quickly. we're in the process of appropriations. cuts can be done along the line, but th
this to harry reid and they had to fight for my vote. and there were times when my own party and you know the players are. i was bottling on the >> next and right. >> you needed against obama carr. >> they rammed it through. i would have stopped it. and then they they voted against a grapped mother amendment. and so shame on them. and the voters of this great country have an opportunity to send a message in 2014. there has been a lot of speculation. and you have had ties to new hampshire. and that is your permanent home now. and senate race coming up with the incumbept. and a lot of speck oulgz on the campaign trail. >> when you ask the questions about you and 16. >> i got two extra years. you have to answer now. >> yeah, i am actually trying to figure out if huckabee and brown. and brown and huckabee. >> you are looking at it. >> i would be misleading people when i say it is a honor. it is strictly personal and i am taking care of my mom and reconnecting with my family. the preponderate senator was the deciding vote on obama care and she rammed it through can voted for it and voted again
that fix these problems. all the president had to do is pick up the phonn, call harry reid and say, i need you to have the senate agree with the law passed by the house which would have fixed the problem. that is the constitutional way to address this challenge, not by these e legal fiat's. melissa: what is it that you are doing now? banding together with these other attorneys general. what to you hope to achieve? >> the first is to give the secretary of health and human services, at to get her to agree to no longer make these illegals changes and to ensure that navigator's comply with the law and rise to higher standards, but failing that, this is team is set for other potential legal challenges to the way that obamacare law is being enforced. it is now no longer the law of the land. the obama administration has written a lot. melissa: and they are running for her -- to the majority of people and texas not like obamacare? >> texans are completely frustrated with the obamacare law. fresh credit with the federal government tried to tell them what to do, make them buy products that they don'
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